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Re: literal translation of techniques?


here is my mini translation of the techniques I know ( i'm afraid the ones you mention I don't know by name but may have seen them ).
Ikkyo 1st principle
Nikkyo 2nd priciple
Sankyo 3rd principle
Yonkyo 4th principle
Shihonage All/four direction throw
Kokyunage Breath throw
Kaitenage ( I have no english for this one I just know how to do it )
Tenchenage Heaven and earth throw
Kotagaishe Wrist turn out throw

Just my own understanding, I would be interested to read others take on the one's I've mentioned.

I agree with Ian though, use your own system for remembering the techniques. In the early days I thought I 'knew' a technique, but time has shown me that thinking you know something and actually understanding it may be along way apart.



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