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Re: Difference between Yoshinkan and Aikikai

Awesome guys thanks. (And thanks Xu Wenfung, let the pain commence)

I'm looking at attempting to teach myself while I'm away for half a year. I really don't want to miss out on that training time. I found some buddies in judo willing to let me practice with them which is great (where I'll be returning the favor).

I was planning on using some books I picked up, this site (work project anyone?) and even an aikido computer program. Problem (and reason for my question) is that some of the books and this program teaches aikikai aikido vice the yoshinkan I've been learning. I wasn't sure if mixing the styles would be disastrous or how well they would work together. Sounds like it's doable though.

I DO realize the risks involved regarding learning the wrong or poor techniques but I think I can make it work. I'm quite skilled at unlearning mistakes

Any advice comments or opinions would be appreciated of course.


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