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Re: literal translation of techniques?

I would be grateful if somebody could help with this, as it would be a great help into the understanding if the techniques
Hate to disagree, but getting hung up on the translation won't help. You'd probably be better off at the start with just a mental map of dojonese to technique with your own unique take on it (e.g. nikyo = x where x = ouchy one with pinky on top towards elbow, not to be confused with the other kotegaeshit-let go the bloody wrist one). I really think less is more. Not only will the names change across dojos (and become really weird thanks to various dialects), but just when you think you've got it, someone very good will do something, you'll ask what it was and you'll then be told "dunno, it just fit the attack.." - smug sods that they are.
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