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Re: Testing requirements kyu levels

Hi Arjan,
it is not me to give you advice (only 3rd kyu), so I just share a few thoughts:

While it is important to know some techniques, I would much more emphasize on how they are presented, even if it is not written it your grading requirements, I guess it is something you watch while testing.

My sensei always says:
6th kyu: just know the few words and know the footwork (steps)
5th kyu: fluent presentation of technique, even if presentation does not always look good.
4th kyu: respond immediately after the technique is being called (that means, even uke has to attack immediately) without any hesitation. Basic principles must be applied well.

I cannot quote them well, as for me as testee, they are not really important. I have to know my techniques, and I have to improve constantly. I watch carefully all the corrections I am told, without any distinction, if they are important for my next grading or only 2nd next, 3rd next.

Sometimes sensei says, "you have to improve ..., but that is tested only at sandan level."
I take it as commendation, as at that time I did not make too much mistakes typical for my level. But nevertheless, it is a thing I have to try to improve.

So sorry, that I cannot quote all the details of the requirements.

Kind regards Dirk
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