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Re: Spirituality

Graham Old wrote:
There are plenty of Christians who practice Aikido. I myself work for a church (in fact, I should be finishing off my sermon as I type these words!) - and I've heard that there are a couple of "Christians Aikido" schools in the States, though I'm not sure what I think about that.
Personally, the idea of 'sect/ideology' aikido schools I find rather worrying, as I believe O Sensei wanted aikido to be for 'all'. Why not men only clubs? why not *insert colour here* people clubs? A slippery slope driven by exeption and difference. When people of all faiths ( including those with no faith ) practice together in harmony, as I'm sure the vast majority of us do, then we are working towards a better world. When people practice together in closed groups, they deny the chance of integration and in my view, move one step further away from harmony.

Can anyone confirm or otherwise what Graham has heard?


p.s. Would Jesus sanction this type of practice, or would his dojo be open to 'all God's children'?

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