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Re: Aikido and jujutsu in everyday conflicts

hope this reply isnt late.... but before anything, Camille, let me say that I hope the situation has been improving for you...

I've been in a simmilar position before long before I studied aikido. my girlfriend and I almost got mugged by a gang. We managed to fend them off by getting everyone else's attention for help.
But it was after the ordeal when I realized i was shaking so hard it took a lot of coffee to calm us down....

Most of the time, the internal conflicts that result from these encounters are actually harder to deal with. One thing I appreciate learning in aikido is how to combat these inner conflicts... anything that arises outside will seem less daunting because we continually challenge ourselves to attain the peace we seek.

these ideals sometimes sound cliche, but hey they work for me
hope they work for you too... good luck!
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