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Re: Changing Dojo b/c Slow Progress, Loyalty

If I came across angry, I am sorry for that impression. Mad, no if I were mad, I would have came across more hostile. Generally when I respond to such questions as posed in this thread, whether on line or in person, I tend to be more like a surgeon and go straight to the cutting of the problems. Blunt and straight to the point too much? Yes, such is a struggle I have fought with most of my life. Mad and angry no. I particularly don't feel on way or the other. But often in life and in teaching, as I am a school teacher, I often see students want to blame everyone else for their problems whether it is another student or their parents instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. My call is to look inward first to see if the problems you are having with your training are because of your own ego and not because of everyone else around you. It is far to easy to blame everyone else for the problems in one's dojo and not look inward first to see if your own desires are creating the problems you are encountering. Anytime I have struggle with a coworker fellow student or teacher, I always try to see if the problem is because of my ego or is the problem truly the way I perceive it. Often I go and talk to the person I am struggling with first. I believe that this was mention in one of the previous post, to go and talk with your sensei. I think we will find that most of the time the problems or criticism we think we see are really just a reflection of our own need for recognition or a blunting of our ego that we want to salve.

Angry, no. A little too blunt yes. and for that I apologize. But a call for self-introspection and reflection I do not apologize for.
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