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Re: Top 10 Reasons Why You Joined Aikido

The top ten reasons I joined Aikido:

1. Tradition, so I could learn the ways of O'Sensei.

2. Being in martial arts my whole life.It is energizing.

3. I wanted a multi-functional art to apply my knowledge of other arts. Cross-training.

4. The ideology in Aikido is what I want out of a martial art.

5. Fun !!! You have to enjoy it.

6. Exercise, because I already get alot of exercise, but it is a solid all around workout. I have played many sports, but Aikido is not a sport, it is a way of life. I know that now.

7. Friends. There a many people in our dojo that have experience in other arts, totally different from eachother. This is a great way we can all come together and practice.

8. Stress relief. That goes without saying anymore!

9. Self Defense. Anyone who can defend themselves without harming the attacker is really a good idea. Also if you need to resort to imobilize the attacker.

10. Sword Techniques. Happo Giri- Kiri Oroshi, Ju No Kumitachi, Tachi dori, and so on. It is really awesome.

I know I am being too serious, but I feel Aikido is a place like O'Sensei felt, I think it went "A place for us to reconcile the world". Anyone else feel this way!

Regards Jamie
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