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pco wrote:
Hello every body !
>I like to have some informations about the life of seinsei Tadashi Abe who
>came in France during the fifty's to teach us the real form of aikido.
>I know that he was teaching near from my home in the city of Marseille !
>It will be very interesting to me to know the real story of his life.
>When did he come in France, why, how it as be difficult to communicate with
>occidental people and every things like these .
>Thanks for your help.
>Hello to you,
my name's andrea and i usually practise Aikido in Imperia not so far to the border with france (50 km to mentone).
If you are really interested in the life of Tadashi Abe (but i hope you are more interested in his teaching)you should contact Mr. Pierre Chassang who lives in Cannes. He is the ancient aikidoka in Europe on the tatami again(he's 81 years old). He rechived teacher like Tadashi Abe , Nakazono and the new giapan generation like Tamura.
Last year he wrote a book in your language that we translated in italian as well (we are waiting for the publishing)If you want you can find out more information in this site:
Further exist two franch books about aikido writted in collaboration with Tadashi Abe (in limited number).
If you can't contact Pierre Chassang e-mail me I'll give you his telephon number.
sincerely yours
andrea anzalone
>Patrick Cottet

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