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Re: Pain in aikido?

Don Magee wrote:
IThere was a significate amount of pain, but I knew he wasn't in position to break my nose and he wasn't twisting in a way that was dangerous to my jaw. So I just kept fighting it half heartedly until he gassed from using all his muscle to 'choke my face'. Then I turned into him and got the tap. It was a huge amount of pain (the insides of my lips were cut and it sucked to eat that night), but I knew there was no danger so it was easy to push though. When I was just starting out I would of tapped 2 or 3 seconds into that 'choke'.
I've experienced very similar thing when training in a jujitsu dojo while working away from home.

The pain from the ulcers that set in to my cut mouth in the next couple of days was far worse than anything at the time.

In a dojo situation I'll definitely tap next just wasn't worth the pain every time I ate anything with salt in in it.

Different if its not the dojo of course.

But your right , experience enable you to recognise the difference between unpleasantness or dangerous.



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