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Re: Changing Dojo b/c Slow Progress, Loyalty

Finding a way of learning what you feel you need can be a complex issue. I too have been in that situation in the past. Some due to geography and some due to an organization that was going in a direction different from where my aikido was evolving. The lack of quality instruction within a reasonable distance made it necessary for me to train myself beyond shodan. I used various means-videos of instructors I respected, seminars when I could get to them, reading, looking at video clips, etc. I took that information and worked on it on my own-I had a good instructor early on that taught me how to study aikido and be responsible for my own progress. He also grounded me well in solid basics so I had a foundation to work from. I would simply find out the requirements and teach myself. I did not necessarily do the techniques the way the "organization" wanted them done but they were done within the realm of what can be expected in the aikikai so it was hard to fault them. It allowed me to successfully pass my next 3 tests-all self taught. Fortunately, I have now found an instructor to move me forward. Also fortunately, his aikido was already in the direction I was slowly moving mine. A perfect fit. Bottom line -take charge of your own training no matter what the instruction level.
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