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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Howard Dyke wrote:
At the risk of feeding the troll...

Sure, there are lots of Aikidoka who would be ineffective in real combat but that can apply to any martial art. Within any style or art, there will be some junior ranks who can consistently overcome senior ranks as well.

There is no competition or sparring in Aikido for a number of reasons, a predominant one being that the technques can be so devastating that to a certain extent, to practice them, the Uke must comply (ultimately in order to avoid serious injury).

Concessions, for lack of a better word, are made in all martial arts. In Karatedo I'm sure they avoid punching each other full force in the face and we don't judge that because of that, their art is ineffective...

No troll here. I just noticed that the thread was at the bottom of the page, and I didn't want it to die. However, regarding your concessions as to going all out, there are arts that do go 100% i.e. BJJ and Judo. Also, anytime someone mentions Ki throws, I find it to be the epitome of delusional.
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