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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Topan Tantudo wrote:
Hi cheer everyone

Well in my point of view, Aikido is more than just for a show off. Once you have mastered Aikido like O-sensei, you dont have to grab your opponent hands to put him/her on the mat. just follow the Ki rhytem. so i think it would be better you practice or study the aikido first then you can judge it.

Cheer up everyone.
Kimi wa kimi desu!!

therein lies the paradox. O'sensei achieved his proficiency by ACTUALLY FIGHTING!!! Then later in life advocated not fighting. In order to achieve the proficiency O'sensei attained, you HAVE TO FIGHT against fully resisting opponents. And as far as your "Ki rhytem" (sic), try using that against a non complient uke, and you will get your arse handed to you. This is why aikido 99% of the time will not work in an actual physical altercation the way it is currently trained. I kinda find it funny that the aikido community actually had to develop a quote to defend against it's effectiveness, i.e. "My aikido works, yours does not." Aikido in my opinion does have useful applicable techniques. They just need to be trained in a manner that makes them effective. It's obvious by the examples set by O'sensei that aikido can be effective. Why the aikido community chooses to be passive aggressive in it's philosophy is its downfall.
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