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Re: Aikido ground technique orgin

Justin Smith wrote:
Sounds like you're trying to convince that a spoon is better than a fork.

Our definitions of "ground" must differ if you're saying there are no ground techniques in aikido. I've seen people go to the ground for rolls, breakfalls, and pins.
Yeah, those aren't 'groundfighting' movements. If you say 'groundfighting' or 'go to the ground' most people assume you're talking about newaza a la Kosen Judo or BJJ. The stuff that happens 'on the ground' in Aikido couldn't deal with a yellow belt in an art that actually does ground work. It's really disorienting to have someone competent on the ground really mess with you. I think the stuff you're referring to would be called suwariwaza or 'seated' techniques.

And looking back at your first post, they would also include kansetsuwaza which definitely come from Daito Ryu. That what you were after?
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