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Re: Spirituality

Don J. Modesto wrote:
It has to PAG who has written a couple of articles on this. They're available at AJ.
It was a rhetorical question. And I have read some, but not all of Peter's articles, but particularly I have read "Touching the Absolute" which touches on this theme. I have, in any event, read far too much to think that any of my ideas is really my own anyway.

[QUOTE=Don J. Modesto wrote:
That's what the implication is.
Oh .. it is directly expressed, not implied:
Doka wrote:
In these teachings listen most
To the rhythm of the strike and thrust
To train in the basics (omote)
Is to practice the very secrets of the art.

Progress comes to
those who train in the
inner and outer factors.
Do not chase after "secret techniques,"
for everything is right before your eyes!
Don Modesto wrote:
But Osensei seems to have been practicing a kind of Tantrism which requires initiation and guidance which he didn't provide to his students. I personally disagree that movement alone carries this.
While it is reported that O-Sensei had childhood training in Shingon in Tanabe, which is a form of tantric Buddhism, his emphasis on relating Kojiki and his own Kotodama sytem to his aikido do not support an explicit connection to tantrism. There are deep historical connections between Shingon and Kotodama, it is true, but they are distinct movements in Japan.

Don modesto wrote:
Rather, I think we've fallen into formalism absent much of the meaning Osensei was experiencing while doing his aikido.
All human action carries meaning, not just speech, sound or mental image. A converse proposition would be that all meaning may be embodied in human action. If you doubt this -- a simple test -- punch your boss in the face tomorrow morning -- see if he takes your meaning ...

I am of the opinion that precisely this was O-Sensei's spiritual genius moment: to realize that the physical movements of aikido could perform the same metaphysical function ascribed to the physical sounds of kotodama.

And, here we all are ... still doing them.
Don Modesto wrote:
To those who can see, no doubt.
I am but one of a number of one-eyed beggars ...

I fundamentally disagree with the propostion that the sign does not partake of the signified, and thus all communication is utterly vain, which is part of the point of Sokel's well-placed poke in the MLA's eye. OSensei's form is the content. The thing that is more than it is, is still not other than it is. There is a theological point in there somewhere, I think.

Erick Mead
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