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Re: Spirituality

Erick Mead wrote:
Has it not occurred to anyone else, that O-Sensei's Chinkon Kishin did not stop a the beginning of practice, but at its end?
It has to PAG who has written a couple of articles on this. They're available at AJ.

As he said (which I quoted above and I believe from my own experience), the whole spirituality of aikido lives, breathes and is communicated in the movement of the body that we practice.
Yeah (queasy wince, here).

That's what the implication is. But Osensei seems to have been practicing a kind of Tantrism which requires initiation and guidance which he didn't provide to his students. I personally disagree that movement alone carries this. Rather, I think we've fallen into formalism absent much of the meaning Osensei was experiencing while doing his aikido.

Remember this the next time you are doing tenchi-nage, and tell me that the spirtuality of aikido is dead.
Post-modernists and the MLA thought they were doing science until the Sokel Hoax. Our own sacred precincts might be similarly misunderstood. Caveat emptor.

Aikido merely does without need of labels or names -- even though they are there -- in plain sight -- there are no secrets.
To those who can see, no doubt.

Thanks for the comment.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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