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Re: Changing Dojo b/c Slow Progress, Loyalty

First off, thanks for all of the great replies. They have all given me something to think about and, if anyone is curious, I think I will stay where I currently train and do some traveling as suggested or practiced by some of the respondents.

I would also like to take this opportunity to address the comments raised by one respondent that seemed to have quite a different, almost hostile, response to my question, Mr. Couch.

Mr. Couch said, "There is more to learning aikido than just going through the motions and putting on the wrist locks."

I agree.

Mr. Couch also said, "From your statements, my first impression is that you believe that you have nothing to learn that you can't teach yourself. In that case maybe you should be the shihan or sensei. I for one believe that I can always learn from my teachers and from my students I teach in our kids program."

I am very happy to hear that you believe that you can always learn from your teachers and student. I also believe that even the person who steps onto the mat for the very first time can teach me something, technique or otherwise. However, I did not mean to imply that I have nothing to learn that I cannot teach myself. Rather, I meant that my refinement as an aikidoka and as a person are motivated by values and desires that I want to achieve. Regardless, I cannot practice paired weapons when there is no one to practice with, and I doubt anyone would say that they can improve just as quickly with a beginner as with someone with decades of experience. Having a goal to reach toward is very important for progress.

Finally, Mr. Couch also suggested, "Why don't you start by at least posting your name and your background in Aikido before you start disparaging your teachers."

First, this in the anonymous forum, so the whole purpose is not to post names. Second, I view your invitation that I post my name and background as contrary to the apparent purpose for which you believe I should post this information. If I were to post my name and background (where I have trained) I would indirectly be disparaging my sensei, a result I wish to avoid and thus why I posted in the anonymous forum. Finally, and most importantly, I don't see how this information is relevant in anyway. Would it matter if I was a 6th dan or a 6th kyu? Are my concerns more valid one way or the other? I suspect that you have had some personal experience in this topic area and that is why you are so "mad."
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