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Re: A beginner with delusions of grandeur

Hey, thank you all for the replies! Already i'm beginning to feel i can relax mor in the dojo. it's really cramping if you're trying hard all the time not to be arrogant, you know! Thinking of my technique as represinting Sensei's teaching is a great turn-around of perceptions. Now I can think, 'okay, I want him to look good, so my technique has to be the best I can make it.' And also to be competent enough to be a good example to the newbies.
Gem wrote:
Also, I guess it would be true to say that people progress at different rates. These are not always constant, sometimes people seem to learn slowly, and then progress quickly. And vice versa.
Makes me think that rank itself doesn't necessarily signify anything. There are people in my dojo, including Sensei, who's experience is way beyond their rank, and others who's rank is way beyond their experience/ability. I guess wha'ts really important is that you focus on progress, as Nick said, at whatever capability level you're at.

I'm glad you think 4th is a good rank. I think it's exciting, because you're beginning to really understand how to work on and improve the details, thereby making the techniques truly effective. And no, I've been practicing between 2 - 3 years.

Again, thanks all.

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