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Re: Changing Dojo b/c Slow Progress, Loyalty

Hi Frustrated!

Recently I have been feeling that my progress in aikido is being limited to some extent by those whom I am training with as well as my instructor.
What incidences have made you feel this?

What if I have decided that I like a different sensei's aikido better; i.e., I want my aikido to be more like his, should I leave my dojo?
Not necessarily! However, it is up to you where you train. You don't have to leave one dojo in order to train at another. I train regularly at 3 different dojo (I am a member of 1) and infrequently at several others. If you would never want to train at your present dojo again then yes, by all means leave.

What about not liking the aikido that the other students in my dojo are doing; is that a reason to leave?
That's a tricky one, as you are all students on the path and chances are, most of you have not 'got it' yet! As sempai you can have a degree of influence in this. As kohai it is more difficult. Part of your progress in Aiki is learning to be tolerant of the misunderstandings of others, so I would say that this is not a good reason, unless your fellow students are breaking your arms every class or something

What about loyalty issues, in that we are talking about changing sensei within the same organization so we are liable to run into each other again?
Now this can become an issue for some sensei who have ego problems. I personally have no problem with any student training anywhere. We have been given freedom of choice, and nobody has the right to deny us that. It is appalling how some sensei will make an ex-student feel wrong for 'leaving them'. I say get a life! Trying to control other people like that is the real wrong.

I believe that a lot of my aikido is self-motivated by what I want to work on, but some things I can't learn on my own, like paired weapons.
Good attitude! You are responsible for your own training. Seek out those who will help you on that path

Good luck!

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