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Re: Changing Dojo b/c Slow Progress, Loyalty

My belief is that you are ultimately responsible for your own training, so you have to do what you have to do. Be aware that there are polite ways to make a dojo change, without leaving hard feelings behind....but it takes some finesse.

On the flip side, as some of the others pointed out, sometimes some introspection is required. In my experience, I found that techniques, practices, people that I didn't understand at one point in my training career, became perfectly clear (and purposeful) I changed and understood more.

As far as progessing further, faster....hmmmm....well, I see aikido as a life art. You have plenty of time to understand and progress. Someone suggested talking to your current Sensei....that is not a bad idea to say "hey, I'd like to learn that paired 31 jo kata, thingy, that I saw somebody do you think we could work on it?" At least you know his/her ability to work with you.

I do disagree about aikido dojos just being a service like a dry cleaner. IMO Aikido is a community (and a small one at that). I run a small dojo....and yes, I get paid....but the money doesn't even cover the basic rent. If I lose a person, it is a critical loss to our ability to keep aikido open in our area for everyone. I have time and friendship invested in every person in our dojo, so I would like to know if someone is unhappy and thinking of leaving. It is just a courtesy. I wouldn't try to stop someone from leaving if they felt that the dojo wasn't the right place for them (the same as I don't beg people to sign up for training when they visit....each person has to decide for themselves)...but I would want to know - so that I could get better.
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