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Re: Changing Dojo b/c Slow Progress, Loyalty

If you feel that you are not getting what you need then maybe you need to look around. What alarms me more in your post is the attitude that you feel that the Aikido you are learning is mostly motivated by your own learning. There is more to learning aikido than just going through the motions and putting on the wrist locks. There is also, and maybe most importantly, learning how to use your center and hips to throw people and move them. Then there is also the aspect of applying aikido your everyday life, especially humility and learning to be a learner. My sensei, John Riggs and our Shihan, Hiroshi Kato, both view themselves as continual learners. Even though Kato is in fact a master in the art, you would never hear him calling himself as such! This is what has impressed me about both of my teachers. They see themselves as learners first.

From your statements, my first impression is that you believe that you have nothing to learn that you can't teach yourself. In that case maybe you should be the shihan or sensei. I for one believe that I can always learn from my teachers and from my students I teach in our kids program. To hopefully be a great aikidoka and sensei you must first be a student and learner. I hope someday to be as great a student as John Riggs, and Kato Shihan!

Why don't you start by at least posting your name and your background in Aikido before you start disparaging your teachers.

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