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"Frustrated with Dojo"
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Changing Dojo b/c Slow Progress, Loyalty

Recently I have been feeling that my progress in aikido is being limited to some extent by those whom I am training with as well as my instructor. So, here are numerous questions:

What if I have decided that I like a different sensei's aikido better; i.e., I want my aikido to be more like his, should I leave my dojo?

What about not liking the aikido that the other students in my dojo are doing; is that a reason to leave?

What about loyalty issues, in that we are talking about changing sensei within the same organization so we are liable to run into each other again?

I believe that a lot of my aikido is self-motivated by what I want to work on, but some things I can't learn on my own, like paired weapons.

Well, I am just a little frustrated. Sometimes I feel as if I could have progressed farther in my aikido if I was training with more talented sempai and/or sensei. Any thoughts?
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