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Jorge Garcia wrote:
I have found the Spirit of Aikido by Kisshomaru Ueshiba the easiest and most concise thing to read.
Bearing in mind that it may be quite far afield of what the founder himself intended. Recall that it fell to UK to jettison Osensei's spirituality from the art in order to make it more palatable to GHQ.

As for myself, the single clearest explication of aikido morality, if not spirituality, per se, that I've found is Saotome's Aikido and the Harmony of Nature.

After that, what really gave me the right perspetive for understanding Osensei's cryptic comments were Abe's Weaving the Mantra and several articles by such scholars as Alan Gappard, Fabio Rambelli, et al.

FWIW, and that may not be much, I tend to think that the spirituality Osensei intended aikido to embody is pretty much dead, dessicated, and blown away. We aiki folk like to babble about it, but over and against the living entity it was for the founder, aikido spirituality is pretty bleak indeed.

Then again, it is ever the project of the practitioner to vivify his art, so caveat emptor.

Don J. Modesto
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