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David Skaggs wrote:
Do not agree. Aggression and violence are part of our human nature. People use religion as a justification for their aggression and violence. Spirituality is the personal relationship with that which is greater than you and religion is the organized worship of your spirituality. You do not need to be any particular religious belief to study and understand Aikido because the ideas of peace, love, compassion for your fellow humans, etc is prevalent in all the major religions/philosophies whether they are of eastern or western origin.

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I've never heard a better (nor more simple) explanation for spirituality and religion than this. Often I've said I am spiritual but not religious and people look at me like I have a toaster on my head, they can't fathom the concept. Do you mind if I use it?

I enjoyed Tom Brown Jr's book "Awakening Spirits", I found it does a good job at explaining spirituality and religion. There is a physical world and a spiritual world (heaven, nirvana etc..) Different religions are simply different paths someone takes when attempting to travel from the physical world to the spiritual world. All religions are basically the same. There is often a savor or "be that guy"type figure. We do different practices to make us closer to the spiritual world- praying, singing in a church, fasting, dancing around a fire, sweat lodges, washing out feet, vows of celibacy, chastity and poverty. All different gimmicks (though thats probably a poor choice of words) to help us reach the spiritual world/heaven.

Like David points out, spirituality is believing in something greater, and religion is the organized worship. I'm not religious at all and I always thought it was either you believe in God or you don't. Reading up on Aikido and the spirituality behind it I've come to realize it's not just black or white and it's possible to believe in something greater without having to sign up for a specific religion.

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