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R.A. Robertson
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Re: Article: Violence by Ross Robertson

Mark Freeman wrote:
Hi Ross,

I enjoyed your article, and one category that may be appropriate to add to your list is Idea/belief/faith based violence, as it doesn't seem to fit into what you already have ( unless you put it under aberration / a kind of mental sickness ). By this I mean violence metered out to others purely because one is under the orders of a higher power, or that the other doesn't believe the same as I therefore they are fair game.

What are your thoughts on this?


Hi Mark,

Personally, I would put faith-based violence as a subcategory of Territory, and call it "Ideological Territory." We all compete in the realm of ideas and beliefs, but not everyone is willing to commit violence to impose our beliefs on others.

As for coercive violence, doing violence under orders, I would categorize this as a special instance of Fear. Fear can make us violent, but in this case the threat is alleviated by doing harm to a target designated by the one imposing the more immediate (albeit perhaps lessor) threat (military commander, religious leader, society, etc.).

As I mentioned, I think it would be wonderful if someone were to study this more in depth and propose a useful hierarchy that would help us better understand the cause and effects.

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