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Re: Article: Violence by Ross Robertson

Ross Robertson wrote:
Hi Krista,

I was trying to keep my discussion in the article as "top level" as possible. It's certainly true that violence takes on some unique characteristics when gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, and so on are introduced.
I also think it's likely that further thought would produce more categories than the ones I've listed. It was my aim with this article to provoke thought on some of the root causes of violence, and hope that we can learn to treat it as a multifaceted problem.
I'm grateful for your comments, and certainly welcome additional feedback.


Hi Ross,

I enjoyed your article, and one category that may be appropriate to add to your list is Idea/belief/faith based violence, as it doesn't seem to fit into what you already have ( unless you put it under abberation / a kind of mental sickness ). By this I mean violence metered out to others purely because one is under the orders of a higher power, or that the other doesn't believe the same as I therfore they are fair game.

What are your thoughts on this?



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