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Re: Aikido ground technique orgin

It seems pretty universal as it exactly the aim of medieval "wrestling". Each pin is designed so you have one free hand to use as you will, and pining seems to be what you search to achive (see text below)

Item, in allen ringen, die du tust, (74 r ) so nym war vnderhalden obergepürt, vnd och vff ston. Darnach nym war, ob es dir nott tut, mort stoßvnd bain bruch.

Item in all wrestling that you do, so find (nehmen war= warhnemen) under hold (pins) are superior/ straightforward /chiefly researched (gepurt=purer= pur machen, untersuchen Ins reine bringen) and also auf stons (up rising). Accordingly find, if you need to (not tun=noetig sein) murderstike and leg break.{accordingly find, if it is an emergency, murder strike and leg break}

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