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Lucy Smith wrote:
I realized too, that surfing and Aikido have a lot in common. They are both related to nature and the natural flow of the Universe. They don't try to change the universe but to adapt to it.
Hi Lucy, you are spot on!

I often use the analogy of the natural motion of waves when trying to get some point across in aikido. Waves do not struggle, they just are, their timing is perfect
I have a couple of surfers in my class ( and me! ) and we all agree that the two activities are complementary. Balance, relaxation, timing, mental focus and extension, and the sensitivity to feel the 'energy' are applied to both. Waves can be soft and gentle or large and powerfull, just like aikido. Learning to fall with relaxation also applies to both.
I have found however that I don't have to hold my breath for so long when I'm thrown in aikido
Two of life's great pleasures are catching a good wave and riding it out, and performing an effortless aikido throw against a full on attack, one is wet and the other dry

be safe in the water!



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