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Lucy Smith
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Well this is a most specific thread about using Aikido Principles in Physical Activities...

I started surfing last summer, which is from December to February, for those of you who don't know where I'm from And I started Aikido in March. I had no idea that I would be starting Aikido, during the summer. I managed not to get killed surfing (who knows how), even as I had a few accidents.
I realized too, that surfing and Aikido have a lot in common. They are both related to nature and the natural flow of the Universe. They don't try to change the universe but to adapt to it. The feeling of satisfaction when accomplishing a new step (ikkyo, standing on the board) is amazing.
I've also been thinking that the stance is pretty similar. So I imagine the balance should work pretty much in the same way. The problem is that I can't surf during winter, not because of the weather, but because in my city the largest wave is about two inches tall.
Soooo my question is... for those of you who practice both, or have a friend who practices both, or just want to write cos' they're bored: can Aikido principles, balance, projection of Ki, state of mind, be applied to surfing??? Do you surf better now that you do Aikido??? Do you practice Aikido better now that you surf???

Thank you in advance
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