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Nick Pagnucco
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Re: Poll: How often do you find yourself having to suppress your own natural response

Seeing how my natural response is to often tense up, I'd say I sometimes gotta suppress that. Its easier to supress when things aren't at a high energy level... I need to fix that before I move into more randori training.

As for 'doing ukemi' and it ending in a fall, nothing we do at my dojo qualifies as sparring (I'm sure its different elsewhere). Pairing up and practicing a technique means just that, no more or less. I have seen instructors demonstrate counters, including sacrifice throws where you essentiall grab onto uke as they throw you, change positions a bit, and launch them over you so both of you fall. One practices a single thing at a time.

Now, sometimes, you will be training in a situation, like ruth described, where nage leave him or herself open. I've seen sempai do things like show where nage created an opening for a strike, or just not fall to make the point nage missed something.
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