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Re: What do you think?

Man Mark, look what you started...

I'd love to see Ron and Szcezepan put a demo together, post it on the web and let us tear it about for them, too. I don't know who said but there is a lot of armchair quarterbacking going on here.
Well, Anne Marie, I feel slightly offended......I did my best to be inoffensive, polite, and stick to things that anyone could see and agree with or disagree with without personal attacks. I specifically did NOT tear anything down. The reason I spent so much time typing and thinking about a response was because I felt the effort of the participants deserved serious thought and evaluation. I think many people here have done the same...thought long and hard about their opinions, and stated them clearly and without malice.

Do you feel George Ledyard is out of bounds with his comments?

Ron (One of these days I will post some video I hope, though it may be a while yet...)

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