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Re: What do you think?

I did not hold it up as 'this aikido is perfect or stronger or better than anyone elses' I just held it up as an enjoyable demo of aikido.
I was going to mention that. You simply threw something up in the air and asked what people thought of it. Some thought it was nice, others saw pro's and con's, others were critical. I can hardly debate on what Aikido is. I look at the level I'm at and like I mentioned above, if their not doing Aikido then I don't want to know what the heck I'm doing - if anything because it will be disappointing. Problem here is you have to define what Aikido is, which is different from person to person obviously.

To me Aikido is helping someone even though I don't like them, putting someone else's safety (including uke) above my own and looking for non violent resolutions to problems as much as the "physical" aspect of Aikido.

Mark asked what people thought of the video and people answered honestly. It seems to me the biggest point of contention in the thread is the delivery of some peoples opinions that start to take on a negative flavor.
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