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Re: What do you think?

Robert John wrote:
But the person that brought them up as an example should probably rethink what they consider to be good/solid/efficient "movement" (in any activity, not just aikido)

Hi Robert,

that would be me,

I came across this clip and enjoyed it so much, I'd just like to see if you agree with me that is a fine demonstration of the beautiful art of aikido.

What do you think? is it the aikido you aspire to, or is it not 'martial' or 'realistic' enough for your taste?

Just curious


I'm not sure I need to heed your advice about rethinking what I consider to be good/solid/efficient movement, simply because I enjoyed watching a nice demo of the 'beautiful art of aikido'.

I knew that there would be reactions to it and my curiosity about the reactions was what prompted me to post the clip. And to construct the question as it was asked.

I did not hold it up as 'this aikido is perfect or stronger or better than anyone elses' I just held it up as an enjoyable demo of aikido.

I agree with George's post about the low level of intent in the attacks, and his points about higher levels of attack in higher levels of practice.

To say that it is 'not aikido' is plainly flawed. Aikido has principles and if they are present then it 'is' aikido just maybe not 'your' aikido. IMO it is perfectly ok to say as many have done that "the attacks could be more realistic", or I prefer aikido practice to be more 'martial', but to write it off completely diminishes the speakers standing within the community.

We are all practicing an amazing art, one that develops the mind / body and spirit towards greater co-ordination. The aikidoka in the demo were practicing their aikido which I ( and it seems many of you ) enjoyed watching.

Go back to the dojo and continue to practice your own aikido, non of us are beyond correction or criticism ( just ask your sensei )

Robert, if you want to know what I think good solid efficient movement is... attack me

Anyway, this thread has produced some interesting comments, let's keep them objective, and try to accept that aikido may be 'wider' than we think it is.



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