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Re: What do you think?

If a post begins, "What do you think?", it asks for opinions. There are bound to be disagreements because different people look at different things, just like different people seek more or less martial content in their aikido. If you want to be more specific perhaps the post should have read, "What do you think of the.........., grace, fluidity, timing, ukemi, blending, martial intent? etc.etc."
I stand behind my original comments and I totally agree with the concept of energy fields, as a metaphor, to explain one of the great shortfalls within general aikido practice. Having trained a few times now with Rob John's teacher, Akuzawa, I can safely say that a lot of high graded godans and rokudans would have trouble dealing with his level of intent, maintained within a grace and flexibility that is startling.
I'll say it again. it's a nice demo, but is it aikido? Ledyard Sensei calls it aiki of movement, fair enough. I've stood opposite him with a bokken in his hands and I felt his intent. I dont know if I would really move if attacked in the way I saw on the video, nothing coming at me. One last point it is incorrect to say that you can't feel things through a video. If you've been at it long enough you sure can.

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