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Re: What do you think?

Let's not take Szcepan aka NagaBaba too seriously. It is a shame he can not enjoy the beauty of the kids demonstrating their art.

Definition for Naga:
1. designation of supernatural beings, snakedemons, sometimes represented in human form with a snake's hood in the neck, sometimes as mixed forms, half man half snake. They are distinguished by devout reverence toward the Buddha. Their sworn enemies are the Garuda, winged beings resembling the griffin
2. A Naga is a fictional creature from the Monster Rancher anime and video game franchise.
3. The Naga is a cocktail with a refreshing taste. .

Definition of Baba:
1. term of respect for an old man
2. A reverential prefix, added to the name of a holy man of merit and renown, like the English prefix Rev. before clergymen.
3.a small, rich sponge cake, usually soaked in rum.
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