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Dominic Toupin
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Re: What do you think?

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
Dont be melodramatique, Dominic.
I'm not negative, I state the reality. It is not my fault, that they had poor training.
One must face and accept the realit as it is, you like it or not. You can't live with rose eyeglasses -- not if you pretend to do Budo or MA. Illusions in aikido are very dangerous.

I wonder if Claude Berthiaume Shihan, your sensei will have the same opinion of you, Szczepan Janczuk. You miss the point here. This is a demonstration in front of CHILDREN to show what is aikido at another level. You don't need to strike like a boxer to show children what is aikido... Just think about it and talk to your shihan about it. Maybe a lesson from someone with more experience than you could help you understand the true meaning of training in aikido.

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