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Re: What do you think?

Paige Frazier wrote:
How could you tell just from watching that clip how capable these girls are or are not? To me, it sounds like you are basing this solely on the fact that they are girls.

Does anyone else think these comments sound a little bit sexist, or is it just me? If no one else agrees then i will shut up.
I don't think he's being sexist, just making a pretty objective observation.

George was also correct about the intent, but let's see if anyone want's to break down the "why"s.

Specifically at 1:03 in the video, you can see where the Nage's lack of structure rear's its ugly head. Movement is disconnected. She's using arm only to throw Uke, and Uke is only being thrown becuase, well...they're throwing themselves mostly. Plus she's bent ever so slightly to the left. It sounds like a minor quibble, but it's not. It's pretty major, and it's the reason why the arm movement of the left hand looks disconnected as well.

So what does this mean?
Means that none of the exhibitors know how to "stand" properly, and to use structure to reinforce their movements (This is of course, sans all the Ki stuff Mike and others have been going on about). The movement is really no different from say, a kickboxer in K-1 throwing his kick. All the joints are relatively disconnected.

This results in that, all of the throws, have a "1, 2" tempo. They use simple twisting of the body/redirection of the vectors to throw the person.
If any of the people demoing had a proper core, you'd see much smoother execution, plus a more solid feel.

Alec noted it doesn't feel like "Budo". A large part of this is due to the fact that "Budo" movement happens on a "one" count and has to be able to be ended instantaneously at any point. At the second of contact, you could end it, but you don't.
None of the Nage's in this video exhibited that feel.

And that's besides the people in the vid being too floaty/hop skippity, using too much arm in all the throws etc.

If they're teenage girls demoing the "frame"work of what they know. Props to them. But it's still just a beginners demo.

Chinese have a specific term to refer to similar artists that start out.
Jade Hands, Brocade Legs.
Beautiful movement, but you'll get pulverized the second something r3al happens to you.
Typically the term refers to wushu people

The point is, I don't think the performers of this vid should be criticized one way or another. They're still learning.

But the person that brought them up as an example should probably rethink what they consider to be good/solid/efficient "movement" (in any activity, not just aikido)


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