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Keith R Lee
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Re: What do you think?

First off, I think the demo was fine. Aikido is a lot of different things to a lot of diferent people. Being a Yoshinkan practioner, I thought the attacks were weaker than they could be, the ukes appeared to be on auto-fall, and the techniques were not as crisp as I would like but whatever.

These women obviously put alot of time into it and enjoy their practice, more power to them. Not all Aikido has to be at one hundred percent power and effectivness. It certainly needs to exist, but not everyone needs to do it. Part of the appeal of Aikido is that it has such low barriers to entry that it is accessible to many people who would not normally get into martial arts.

Let people practice how they want, and get whatever it is out of Aikido they are looking for. If people are happy practicing Aikido, whatever it appears to be, I think that's a good thing. However, by filming oneself and releasing it into the wild (the web) one definitely opens themselves to praise and criticism, and people just need to be thick skinned enough to deal with that. Especially if the video in question is of a "softer" sort of Aikido and it is shown to Aikido people of a "harder" mindset.

Keith Lee
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