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Dominic Toupin
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Re: What do you think?

Hi everyone,

I usually sit down and read the posts here on Aikiweb and rarely post myself because my English writing isn't that good (my first language is french...)

But I'm tired to read post from Szczepan Janczuk (Nagababa). It's always negative, the aikido from this sensei is poor, that demonstration had nothing to do with aikido and the best one that I can remember :" Someone who train hard never talks in the dojo".

I look at the demonstration and I will give you my take positively and without any bias toward an organization

Did you look at the crowd ? They were kids. The aim of the demonstration was probably to show kids what their aikido will become later if they continue to train. The public wasn't some military type guys that want to see real attack, real defense. It was a demonstration with the aim of showing techniques to kids. Those girls attacks were OK for that purpose...

Also, you said that those girls have not enough ukemi skills to take some judo's throws ? What the ? I train in Yoseikan Aikido and our hardest falls come from some of the sutemi techniques or some judo like technique and I'm sure that those girls can take those falls.

You said that It wasn't aikido ??? Do you know what is aikido ? If the demonstration motivates those children in the crowd to keep train hard, to keep in good shape, to apply principles show in the dojo in their life and develop their bodies and mind, this video is definitely aikido...

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