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Mike Haber
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Here is the original post of Edwards that set me off:

"It seems you are new to Japanese MA, since this is the second thread that you start asking to evaluate ot describe the styles of high-ranking teachers. You might be interested to know that it is considered very unappropriate to comment on teachers' styles from lower ranking practionners. Even when higher ranking teachers have any comments, they will usually do it privately, not on a public forum like this one."

Like I said before, I guess asking questions on here is inappropriate?! There seems to be so much political BS in aikido. I think that is where Edward is coming from on his retoric toward me. If one can't come on to a message board to ask specific questions about shihan in aikido, then why have a message board?

Huh Edward? Care to answer that one? I guess Meik Skoss was correct when he said that aikido has too many aiki bunnies!!! Too much political BS that he got tired of playing the game.


Mike Haber
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