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Re: What do you think?

Paul Nowicki wrote:
I see Szczepan has developed the sensitivity and vision of O'sensei....Wow Szczepan can you please teach me? or possibly all of us on here. I don't think that anyone else on here has achieved what you apparently have.
Szanowny panie Pawle,
I dont pretend to teach, I simply quoted O sensei words. His teaching is simple, do it in daily live, this is not theoretical blah blah blah. Be honest with yourself and with others -- and many emotional filters will disappear. So your senses will become actually 'purified' from superficial opinions, prejudges and other scrap. You will be able to FEEL springtime around you, may be first time in your life, who knows.......

The beauty of the techniques comes from their completeness. It means the technique includes martial elements among other elements -- to be able qualified as a Budo. It is good to practice healthy gymnastic, or social dance, but don't call it aikido.


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