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Re: What do you think?

Mark Uttech wrote:
Asking age is kind of a cheap shot. Then and again, one cannot point at a single demonstration and say: "This is aikido"
O sensei did it every time when he came from Iwama to Tokyo dojo. He was yelling it many times - "this is not aikido". So yes, it is possible to develop eyes to the level when you actually see THE reality.

Of course, when you follow a teaching, where everything is presented by instructor as in the plate, one will never develop his eyes, and will never be able to distinguish False from True. It is not magic, simply matter of training.

Also, one must be honest, and not hide under false politesse his opinion. Not long ago, we had a topic discussing O sensei teaching:

Through The Way, through our practice, we come to gain the virtue of sincerity. Through the virtue of sincerity, we come to know The Way -- we come to develop our practice. The virtue of sincerity is both the entry to The Way and a product of The Way. Sincerity is what connects the outer form to the inner essence. The cultivation of sincerity is then the purpose or the reason why we train in the martial arts. Through martial arts training, we are trying to gain a distance from the superficiality of our lives, our relationships, our thoughts, our actions, our identity, etc. Through the cultivation of sincerity, through a capacity for sincere action, thought, and word, we can come to clearly observe the holiness that is all around us -- that which is the true essence of everything and every one. Being able to give witness to this holiness, in turn, allows us to have an even greater capacity for sincerity, which, in turn, brings us more clarity regarding this holiness -- this cycle continues ad infinitum. This is what it means to practice the martial arts as a Way. It means we are here to mature our spirit, to realize the ultimate divine principles and purpose. We are here to bring a particular kind of depth to our lives, for this we need the virtue of sincerity.
So if I see somebody develop illusion of Budo practice I tell what I think. If anyone have no idea what is aikido as a Budo, please visit San Diego Aikikai -- west coast or NEAikikai or NYAikido if I may give some good examples.

Good ukemi skills? -- lets allow to these girls take ANY judo throw as uke -- they will be broken in pieces.

As a tori they are not able to throw ANYONE outside of their dojo. This is caricature of aikido techniques. How can someone allow them to deform it to such point?


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