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Re: Aikido ground technique orgin

Ari Bolden wrote:
Daito Ryu was a battle field art of the samurai which allowed them to "go down and get the job done" then pop up to face the next attack.
An interesting consequence of this, something that one of my students who was a high school wrestler noticed, is that a lot of Aikido pins only work "for a moment". Basically, someone who knows how to relax and work the situation can get out of the pin.

This bothered me at first. Then I realized two things:

1) By the time most people relax that much, the fight has gone out of them. If you are doing the pin correctly, it really does require them to relax completely to wriggle out of it.

2) When they get out of the pin, they have to do so by moving away from you. They really can't get up and immediately launch an attack.

There are exceptions to this and I've noticed that the length of time it takes to get out of the pin - even for someone like my former wrestler student - is still related to how well you execute the pin. But battlefield pins really aren't meant to hold someone down indefinitely.

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