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Re: What do you think?

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Is Budo the finished result, or the path along the way?
Good question Ron, also, I enjoyed your balanced assessment of the clip, thanks.

Obviously we see what we see through our own eyes, but this is filtered through our own experience. I knew when I posted the clip that some would not see it as I did. Which is fine, aikido is not a defined set of techniques to be practiced in exactly the same way by all. It is the principles that are important. If they are present it 'is' aikido whether you like what you see or not.

It is easy for us all to be armchair critics, we seem to revel in it

For those that like their aikido 'hard' I can see why they would find fault in what they saw. For those that like their aikido 'soft' I see little to be negative about.

I just enjoyed the spirit of the demo and the poise shown by the 3 women. Maybe, this was because I had just watched a clip of a high ranking aikidoka's demonstration at a big seminar which I wasn't that impressed with ( for me too 'clunky', not much finess and not much control of the ukes 'in advance of contact' ). But as I said it is easy to criticise.



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