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Re: Punishing Uke

Hiroaki Izumi wrote:
Very much agreed Erick. Hey, you're pretty close to us, why not take an AA flight down here some time for some R&R and Aikido?
Actually, Pensacola is nearer to Little Rock, Arkansas than it is to Miami. But persuade my good Yankee wife to leave go of my wallet, and I'll take you up.

One caveat -- I am constitutionally incapable of understanding cricket.

A Canadian a Brit, two Aussies and Pakistani could not explain cricket to this West Florida boy. (Sounds like the beginning of a bar joke ...)

The only thing I could grasp is that it involves something about a wicket, an off-leg and a stump.

Sheesh, I mean -- I love playing with the wooden sticks, but I never could imagine why one would play a ballgame with a shinken ...

Erick Mead
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