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Re: What do you think?

The Un-Pronouncible One wrote:
This video has nothing to do with aikido. It is empty shell. Or healthy gymnastic if you will.
Even if it has been mostly/partly choreographed, and even if I was only uke the whole time (all 3 of them traded places as nage, by the way), I would have trouble keeping that pace and remembering where, how, and who I was going to attack. That the technique was so crisp and even throughout the demonstration shows how much what they do know has stuck solidly in their minds, muscles and mettle.

My brother's girlfriend is about 30, she grew up in Poland, and when she was young she and her friends would pool together small coins to the point that they could afford sauerkraut. A mushy, quickly soddening bag of sauerkraut. Each of these intrepid entreupeners would collect roughly more than a handful from this bag, and they would eat it gleefully. It was their candy. Sauerkruat.
</end sidetrack>

Now unless you come from some hard-bitten, wild deadly north like the afore-mentioned, Mr Janczuk, why have you got to be such a wet rag all the time?

Aside from all that, is this not the sensei that the esteemed Dr. Seiser trains with? Hate to say it but that lends some serious street cred, to boot.


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