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Re: Strike Nikkyo

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
Please don't call me sensei. After last weekend seminar with Sugano sensei I know I'm surly quite beginner -- that is my real feeling.
Maybe the usage of sensei is different. When someone teaches me and I accept his teaching, I call him sensei in this moment.

It doesn't matter how many better teachers are there in the world and how much better they are.

I know, you are very good and I usually do not compare different sensei. For those of us, who do not accept comparative competition in Aikido, why should we do so in teaching Aikido?

The way, you were correcting me, was rather teaching than discussing. And I accepted being taught. So to me the right answer would be "hai, sensei".

OK, on the web, there is room for some more words, which I rarely do on the mat.

But usually I call you Szczepan (pronunciation like "shteppan"?) or nagababa. Is that OK for you?

Back to topic. I did not realise, that my description did read like "losing connection". I know I often lose connection and I thought, it was lack of perception or lack of "hara", probably both.

All the best

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