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Re: Securing canvas mats.

Mike Logan wrote:
Will they have to be picked up in the new location? And, if you have the room, time, and willing compatriots to re-canvas, then why not velcro them at the same party (an excuse for more sake), excepting the added cost mentioned.
The mats will have to be picked up in the new room after each class. Right now the recavasing involves a top piece of canvas and a bottom piece of canvas to cover the foam. Sewing is absolutely out of the equation because of the cost factor, so Velcro is being applied to each piece of canvas with a rather strong adhesive, then the Velcro is what secures the top piece to the bottom piece.

I was considering purchasing more Velcro and using the same adhesive to secure flaps, from the scrap canvas, to the bottom piece of canvas. From there apply the Velcro to the flaps and underside of the adjoining mat, which would then secure the two mats together... I am hesitant though because I'm not sure if the adhesive would hold against the strain of securing the mats together because the force will, in my mind, be greatly different from just securing the canvas around the foam. There is also the limiting factor of $$$.
take two 2 X 4's of 4 feet in length, and drill 3 holes at 12 inch intervals through both boards in matching locations.

Now take three equal lengths of rope, tie an adequate knot at the end of each, and feed each through a hole in one of the boards. The ropes should be a few feet longer than the dimension of the mat you are trying to temporarily secure.

Lay down the 2X4 with the three ropes in place, array them to reach across the floor and put each through the holes of the other 2X4

lay down that mats for that section, draw out the slack from the ropes, and somehow fasten said slack in place.
This is where I am at now, only using 2 foot long pieces instead of 4 foot long pieces, drilling 2 holes per piece, and laying out 2 ropes per paired set of boards. On the 2 inch outward facing side of the 2x4 (facing away from the mats) I have attached a cleat, similar to those found on a boat just smaller, so that we can tie off using a cleat hitch "knot". A 3/8" polypropylene rope seems to go nicely under the mats, which are 1.5" nominal thickness, and this type of rope offers the least flex-stretch factor.

It seems in this we are of the same mind: longer set up time, but cheap and durable.

Thank you for the reply,
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