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well, guess i'm lucky in that i was unattached when i started training, and have remained so....i did briefly date a man who called Aikido 'the work of the devil', but i was going to call it quits before he said that...
as for the problems with girlfriends and wives, i'm sure you guys have put yourselves in their shoes...if she is 'sticking' you with childcare so you can't go train, have you volunteered to stay home with them so she can get out on other nights? hired a sitter on yet other nights so the two of you have time together? if she complains about no time for the two of you, are you devoting more time to the dojo than to her? i certainly hope you do not spend more money on dues/equipment/etc than you do on things for her or the children. Unfair that the single folks can devote more time to the dojo, but they don't have the wonderful family you do...i am keenly aware of the time the guys spend at the dojo as opposed to home with wives/children, and always thank the wives when i meet them for sharing that precious time with us who are learning from their husbands. i also do my best to recruit the wives to join
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