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Karen Wolek
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Re: Sugano sensei in Woodstock this weekend

Ron, my head is fine...only hurts if I touch it where the impact was! So I try not to do that! Glad you liked the review.

Szczepan, thanks, glad you liked it, too. Yes, next time we'll have to practice.

I didn't take the early class at my dojo tonight, but arrived while it was still in session. They were practicing with bokken. One of the guys confirmed that yes, they practiced the stuff from the seminar the whole class. And I missed it! No fair.

The following class, which I did take, was the advanced/freestyle class. When I had my sensei in sankyo, he turned and went to hit me, but I didn't the technique we practiced at the seminar. He did it again, nope. I said, "I didn't really learn this one!" He said, "I guess not!" Ha. Later, I did manage to do it. After class, I explained that my partner was a newbie so I didn't really get to practice it the way I wanted. It was definitely a technique where either uke or nage needed to know what they were doing...and since I'd never done anything like it and of course, neither did my partner...well, I just didn't "get" it.

Plus, my sensei's arm coming back at me is a little scary! "DUCK!" Yikes! OK!

It was a great seminar and I'm glad you enjoyed it. We are having a seminar with Yamada Sensei in October.

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